ALITRANSPORT S.r.l. offers a coach transport service on behalf and under the responsibility of Italian Alitalia Airline S.p.a. (ALITALIA). This service is reserved to pre-formed groups of Alitalia passengers/customers («Groups») offering Grand Touring/Premier coaches connecting with different terminals, routes and times between Fiumicino Airport and Rome (our «Services» hereinafter).

These are the General Terms and Conditions applied by ALITRANSPORT Srl to any group member (customer) in the performance of the services. All the Conditions must be therefore well known and specifically accepted by the customer by filling the form and stating the intent to join the Group. An extract of the G.T.C. is printed on the receipt that the customer will submit to ALITRANSPORT personnel coach crew.



Art. 1. By joining the Group, the Customer certifies to be in possession of a valid Alitalia flight ticket. Customer also agrees that ALITRANSPORT Srl may check - Via Alitalia - the regular possession of the ticket itself.

Art. 2. The customer can join the Group by paying a 7.00€ ticket (VAT included) per trip. If a passenger fails to pay the fee, the transport service will be automatically cancelled; the services price is not refundable under any circumstances.

Art. 3. The customer may not be able to use the coach services, unless in possession of a regular receipt; this one must be shown to Alitransport staff together with Alitalia flight ticket before getting on board; the receipt must be kept by the passenger and presented upon request by any Alitransport personnel.

Art. 4. The customer agrees and is aware that the terminals, the trails and departure times of coaches may vary, depending on both Alitalia requests and different group conditions.

Art. 5. Both the times of departure and arrival of each coach will take into account Alitalia departing and arriving scheduled flights; therefore any customer should arrive at the Alitransport coach location to Fiumicino Airport up to four hours and thirty before an international flight and two hours and thirty before a domestic or community flight scheduled by Alitalia itself. Alitransport will not be liable if the passenger is late or looses the flight; the customer waives any rights of any nature whatsoever in case of loss of Alitalia flight and service to the airport. In case of any Alitalia flight modification of scheduled time or date, passengers will adhere to the terms and conditions of the group related to Alitalia flight as amended.

Art. 6. Any coach will leave as it reaches its maximum passenger capability and it will be soon replaced with another bus ready to reach Fiumicino Airport in compatibility with the scheduled Alitalia flight take off. Therefore, ALITRANSPORT personnel will have the right to assign customers on those coaches departing with the highest priorities related to the best fulfillment of the service.

Art. 7. Given the function of the Coach Services itself - as described above - the Client hereby acknowledges that the time specified in the informative material is a mere reference guide, depending on the actual Alitalia flight departure and/or arrival time.

Art. 8. ALITRANSPORT will do everything reasonably in its power to avoid service delays and in a "force majeure" event it will be prepared to take all reasonable strategies to minimize a negative impact on the services. Alitransport shall not be liable to the customer for any failure to perform its service due to any circumstances beyond its control. In case of delay or service disruption, the customer therefore will raise ALITRANSPORT and/or Alitalia - in accordance with actual consumer protection law - from any liability in case of a"Force Majeure" event:

  • war, military invasions, foreign enemies attack, civil war, terrorism, rebellion, revolution, riots, vandalism, sabotage, acts of picketing, strikes, political demonstrations and protests, confiscation, embargo, road accidents caused by third parties, block of the road ordered by public authorities;
  • uncontrollable natural events, severe weather conditions, nature extraordinary manifestations.

Art. 9. The customer claims to know that even in case of a "force majeure" event , both Alitalia and Alitransport are not responsible if you miss your flight due to delay or disruption in the delivery of services since this is not due to willful or gross negligence of ALITRANSPORT. As a matter of fact, Alitalia and Alitransport will not be able to refund the cost of air flight ticket - except in those cases included in the purchased fare - and the coach services; no other form of compensation will be granted.

Art. 10. ALITRANSPORT promotes a positive image through the proper and dignified conduct of its own drivers; no disturbance and no harm will be caused to the person, property or reputation of the customer and no situation of objective danger will be created ever. Customers, in turn, must behave properly and follow the instructions of all ALITRANSPORT personnel.

Art. 11. The Client is aware that all vehicles used for the services are covered by a civil responsibility insurance under the current provisions of law. In particular, the CVI provides vehicle insurance against third party civil liability including passengers, properties or animals with a single insurance compensation limit which is equal to the minimum required by law. The customer will therefore not seek excess compensation from the insurance coverage, except for unlikely cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence that may be attributed to ALITRANSPORT personnel.

Art. 12. The customer may bring aboard the coach any personal luggage suitable for boarding on Alitalia flights. However, ALITRANSPORT will be not responsible for the custody of goods transported by passengers, unless any damage or loss to property transported on buses is depended on Alitransport personnel.

Art. 13. ALITRANSPORT allows to bring pets aboard its coaches as long as it is permitted and regulated by all Alitalia flight boarding regulations and procedures. ALITRANSPORT will not assume any responsibility for problems concerning your animals unless they are caused by intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of ALITRANSPORT personnel.

Art. 14. By joining the Group, the customer willingly declares to have provided truthful and complete personal information. No false data should be given concerning both the i.d and other personal data which will be treated in compliance with the personal information policy. If the customer wishes to join a group on behalf of other passengers belonging to the same sub-group, he should previously agree with the Contract General Conditions, submitting to personal data transmission policy described in the informative section. However, even in the case of sub-groups, each customer will be given a personal receipt that may be shown on demand by ALITRANSPORT personnel.

Art. 15. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of certain provisions will not cause the invalidity or ineffectiveness of the entire agreement. Any changes to the agreements will be written on a record using the customer's name since the mere tolerance of any inappropriate client behavior - as described in these Terms and Conditions - will never be interpreted as an implied amendment to the agreement itself.

Art. 16. Any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of the General Conditions will be subject to the mandatory law provisions and will irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

Art. 17. Once a group is created, the customer's personal domicile is elected for any useful purpose of law, including warning notification, formal notices and court documents; it is also possible to change someone's domicile by sending a written communication to ALITRANSPORT.



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